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Your Iceland Elopement Videographer

I'm Michal, a professional filmmaker and elopement wedding expert. My background is in the wedding industry, where I've filmed traditional weddings and shifted my full focus to elopements after moving to Iceland.
I bring my skills as a film director, camera operator, sound designer, editor, color grader, and elopement advisor to the table, to create a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted wedding film that will be perfectly tailored for you. My goal is to capture the essence of your special day, the raw emotions, laughter, tears, moodiness, nostalgia, and natural beauty that make it unique. I can promise that the result will be a film that connects with you on an emotional level and takes you back to your special day time and time again. So, are you ready to relive your wedding day like never before? Let's make it happen!

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My philosophy behind wedding cinematography.


As a wedding videographer, my philosophy revolves around the concepts of aesthetics, emotions, and communication. I aim to create visually stunning films that are aesthetically pleasing and capture the beauty of the day. My goal is to evoke emotions and create a deep emotional connection between the viewer and the couple by capturing the love, joy, and excitement of their wedding day. Finally, I strive to communicate the story of the wedding day in a way that is meaningful, impactful, and memorable for the couple and their families.

Are you ready to start planning your epic elopement?

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Start by exploring the offerings. With my packages, you'll not only be investing in your wedding film, but in the full experience of your dream wedding.

Let's start planning your wedding day

If you're eager to start this friendship, send me a message. I will reply with a more comprehensive guide.

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